Robertson Strong Apgar Architects is committed to environmentally responsible designs that are responsive to conservation as well as the owner’s program requirements. Buildings have one of the largest impacts on the ecosystem and we know that the educated experienced choices we make in the building design will have a positive effect on the ecosystem.

RSA Architects has a tradition of creating high performance buildings with integrated sustainability. This is a natural continuance of RSA’s core values and goals. Our sustainable design process has three points: 1. Life Cycle Design 2. Economy of Resources 3. Humane Design Factors.

Life Cycle Design at RSA provides expertise to analyze the impacts from the construction through years of occupancy. Designs that offer operational cost savings. Making wise choices, utilizing sustainable materials, systems and processes, is essential to our Economy of Resources approach. Humane Design creates high quality indoor environments, and energy efficient environments. RSAs HD approach maximizes natural light and introduces this light deeper into the core spaces. We were an early proponent of a number of green ideas: the use of natural lighting with light shelves, the use of in-floor heating and cooling, use of renewable materials, and aggressive thermal envelopes.

The firm leadership has LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation. Our resources and experience allow project options to be developed, understood, evaluated and the best solution selected to minimize the environmental impact.

We are dedicated to working closely with our clients to develop the optimal, most sustainable high performance buildings.