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Syracuse University Manley

Manley Field House(Football Hall of Fame) - project consists of three distinct additions to the existing structure and significant redevelopment of the surrounding environment to create a more cohesive campus setting.  Located within the building are gallery classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, and a computer center.  Support spaces include kitchen, cafeteria, lounge, locker rooms, work out rooms, and laundry.

The uniqueness of form and materials of this project provides a distinctive statement reflecting Syracuse University’s philosophy of quality in education.  The interior contains classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, computer center, kitchen, cafeteria and spaces ancillary to the football program.  A 200 seat auditorium serves as a teaching station incorporating state of the art video, audio and lighting capabilities.  The building also houses a study hall and a gathering space for special receptions.

The Football Hall of Fame Gallery is the dominant special volume.  Experienced immediately upon entry, this stimulating two-story, sky lighted exhibition space houses university memorabilia and provides a strikingly bright and cheerful environment for viewing the historic sports displays.

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