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Bragman Athletic Facilities

The Cicero-North Syracuse Bragman Stadium field and track is a unique athletic complex designed by Robertson Strong Apgar Architects.  There is seating on both sides of the track and field with a seating capacity of 5000. The stadium has three levels. There are team rooms, a concession stand and support facilities. The field is a well drained turf field. All events are fully lighted to a proper level.

The complex has the capability of allowing each field event to be run simultaneously. For example, both the boys' and girls' long jumps can be held at the same time. The CNS multi-event site allows meets to run much smoother and faster. The track - Eight lane all weather facility with 1/4 pin spikes allowed.  Gill Kolar Fusion starting blocks will be supplied. Clerking Area for all events - The boys’ locker area located at extreme south end will be used for clerking boys.   The girls’ locker area located at extreme north end will be used for clerking girls.  Field Event Areas - Two high jumps, two shot puts, two discus, two pole vaults, and four jumping pits.   There is also a Daktronics full matrix board for live results to be displayed.


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