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Civic Center Theater Renovations

Major renovations to the Onondaga County Civic Center Theaters were designed by Robertson Strong Apgar Architects.  Three theaters:  Crouse Hinds Concert Hall, Carrier Theater and Bevard Black Box Experimental Theater had major upgrades and an addition for a lobby to the Bevard Theater.  Stage rigging systems, theatrical lighting systems, theater sound systems and seating were new for all these theaters.  Interior finishes including carpeting, tile and wall surfaces were put in place.  New wall graphics with theatrical imagery were added to the Carrier Theater.  Acoustical panel control systems were added to the sound baffles in the Crouse Hinds Concert Theater, as well as new acoustical draperies and absorptive materials. 

Stage trap doors and a moveable,, lowering and raising, stage were added; the raising and lowering stage in the Carrier Theater allows actors and sets to enter the stage below the stage level and then be raised up to the stage level which can add a significant theatrical effect to various performances. Backstage spaces and green rooms were upgraded as a part of this project.

The new Bevard Lobby was designed with open glass walls so the lobby can connect visually to the adjacent outdoor plaza.  The seating systems are entirely new; on the main floor level they are telescoping flexible platforms with integral seating.  There is balcony seating on three sides of this black box theater which can be removed for various staging affects.  The lighting systems are new and hung from a lighting grid which is continuous above the entire theater offering great flexibility for lighting layout.  Acoustical curtains were added and they are on a track system that allows them to be totally pulled back, partially exposed, or all the walls of the theater covered with acoustical draperies.  New wood casework was installed in the theaters adding functionality, detail and warmth to these spaces.


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