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Eastern Hills Bible Church

Eastern Hills Bible Church has been a member of the Manlius Community for over 30 years during which time the church has expanded a number of times.  It now occupies three structures at the Enders Road Campus.

The new church facility is distinctively situated with a generous setback from Route 92.  The overall design draws upon contectural elements of surrounding structures to provide a high quality architectural statement, which fits well into the community.  An important objective of the design was not to create a big box but to provide scale to the structure by detail of the various elements.  The entrance and lobby was designed to welcome visitors, members, and friends.  There are visual links with the sanctuary and the large multi-purpose room. The main element of the building is the Sanctuary, which is situated on the westerly side of the site, fronting on Route 92.  The entrance Narthex, lobby, forms a central axis of the facility and to the east are the educational classrooms.  The Narthex can be accessed from the south, the main entrance, and the north, the secondary entrance.  The educational classrooms provide space to accommodate adults, youth, and children as well as nursery toddler needs.  For flexibility and anticipating future changes, most of the classrooms are a standard, module 770 square feet.

The unifying element of the exterior design is the masonry brick walls, the natural texture; reddish tan tones of the brick are contrasted which the limestone beige colored horizontal bands.  The Sanctuary is a dramatic, energetic façade with one of its features a segmented rose window.  The outside corners are angled at 45 degrees forming an octagonal plan.  The roof is pitched extending up to an architectural feature, a cupola, which is glazed letting light into the Sanctuary, and this element details this building adding a smaller scale, which fits the community.

The educational wing also has pitched roofs along with window fenestration and roof dormers again to give scale to the building appropriate to the community.  The windows have been segmented with mutton bars and are grouped together to form an overall aesthetic balanced elevation.

The mechanical equipment will be positioned to be unobtrusive and for the most part hid from view.

 Future expansion is considered in the plan with space in the future to be added to the east.

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